Harbour light: Finished Creatures #7

Love song of the badger: The Storms Journal #2


What day is it?, Backyard, How it flows, Taurus: Dreich

The wedding present, Sleepers: Reading the Forest anthology (edited by Roger Deeks and Jason Griffiths)


Earthworks / Offa's Dyke: Under the Radar

Earthworks / West Kennett: Ink Sweat & Tears (online)

Driftwood: Dear Reader (online)


Silver turn: Reach poetry #250

Sleepers: Elsewhere: A Journal of Place (online)

Together: Algebra of owls (online)

Listen to this: Eighty Four anthology (Verve Poetry Press)


A field of dew; The Wye, Belmont Woods: The Fenland Reed #7

What I learnt about love from Neil Armstrong: Until the Stars Burn Out #1 (online)

The clearing: Words for the wild (online)


Night shift: The Poetry Shed (online)

Estuary sketch, A48: Lighthouse #15

In the valley: In Other Words 2017 anthology (Allographic)


On the anniversary: Ink Sweat & Tears (online)

Knots and Branches (Eyewear pamphlet)

Parasite: Mycolyrica (online)

Fall, The hollow, Fences: In Other Words 2016 anthology (Allographic)

Shapiro’s: Best New British and Irish Poets 2016

Far into the deep Forest: Envoi #172

Tools: Cadaverine (online)


Between nights: Firewords #5


Shapiro’s: Brittle Star #33


Publications marked online are available to read for free online.